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Research validates that individuals who practice meditation and mindfulness are better able to de-stress and increase their energy, creativity, ability to make decisions and laser focus their attention on what matters most. ​ Our Leadership Minds & Matters™ presentations and training programs are designed to demystify mindfulness through scientific findings, practical approaches and experiential exercises that demonstrate how simple, easy and accessible meditation is to learn. Our certified meditation teachers are also emotional intelligence and leadership development experts who deliver programs separately from, or as part of, existing corporate leadership programs or strategy sessions.


Dawn Staudt

Formerly, National Sales Manager, Global SVPSinger Sewing Company

I attended a meditation and mindfulness workshop presented by Jennell Evans. I have been in the corporate world for some time, and it was one of the best presentations that I’ve seen in a while. Very concise and informative. I could immediately see the usefulness not only in my personal life but also how much meditation is needed in stressful work environments. Jennell also incorporated a hands-on learning so that we could experience meditation first hand. I learned how to de-stress and increase my ability to focus, which helps when prioritizing my workload and making decisions. The additional resources Jennell provided allowed me to further research meditation and mindfulness so that I can continue to expand my knowledge and practice. I would highly recommend Jennell to anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness and meditation as a stand-alone training session or as part of a company retreat.




Our introductory presentation (1.5 hours) for leaders is delivered as a stand-alone or as part of a leadership strategy session or an executive team offsite. Our training programs (3-hours) can be delivered as one complete session or as 2 to 3 separate modules.